Beautiful breasts are a matter of proportion, shape and lift, tailored to meet a woman's unique needs and build.

Dr. Restivo consults with each client, taking time to explain procedures and options to assure that appropriate techniques are used to achieve the desired results. She reviews?your options to you in detail during your initial consultation, and you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have.

To better understand the breast and how surgical methods can enhance your appearance, click on the play button to the left and then select videos that discuss techniques you are interested in pursuing.

  • Augmentation

    Breast augmentation has helped millions of women enhance their appearance and their self-esteem. For some select patients, this procedure can be done in the office with local anesthesia.

  • Lift

    Sagging or drooping caused by age/gravity is corrected along with refreshing the shape your breasts.

  • Reduction

    Sometimes smaller breasts can allow you to feel more confident in the way you look and reduce discomfort.

  • Reconstruction

    Regain natural-looking, beautiful breasts after a mastectomy through breast reconstruction.

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